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Program Overview:

  • Length: 90 Days (Weekly group meetings once a week)
  • Format: Virtual
  • Program Cost: No Fee
  • Next Cohort: August 2024
  • Registration: OPEN -Click Here to Register

About the Program:

Are you a business owner who feels stuck or stagnant? Perhaps lost on how to grow your business? Ignite is a 12 week accountability program that consists of 12 weekly 90-minute Business Accountability sessions designed to help small business owners stay accountable to their goals, tasks, and responsibilities. It provides a supportive environment where participants can move their businesses forward while leveraging the power of accountability to increase productivity and achieve desired outcomes. In just 90 days Ignite can fast-track your business to get significant traction and great results. 

Program Outline:

  • Sessions 1 & 2: 
    • Setting clear and achievable goals for your business
    • Creating a roadmap and action plan to achieve your goals
    • Strategies for prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively
    • Establishing accountability measures to track progress
  • Sessions 3-12
    • Productivity and Time Management
    • Financial Accountability
    • Marketing and Sales Accountability
    • Operations and Process Accountability
    • Strategic Planning and Decision Making
    • Personal Accountability and Self-Care

Program Outcomes:

  • Design and work on a powerful strategic action plan that you can use immediately. 
  • Get unstuck. 
  • Master your focus. 
  • Achieve a mind shift and gain confidence.

Past participant's successes have included

  • A 300% increase in sales
  • A 700% increase in online presence
  • A 1,200% increase in new clients
  • Learning how to identify and prioritize those things needed to meet goals
  • Turning their product into a product that Amazon now wants to sell
  • Becoming more assertive in their business and more powerful in their personal life



Praises about Ignite

“I’d refer someone to this class because it gives you the confidence to work the process, it’s a mind-shift, and for those who get easily overwhelmed, it teaches you how to ease into the goal-setting and also improves your productivity as regards to setting those goals and rewarding yourself for it.” – Lakisha A.

“I’d refer anyone who is serious about getting serious about your business; because this program gives you the tools you need to get there.” -Karyn C.

“One of the reasons I would recommend this course is that we all know what we want in our business but we don’t necessarily know how to get there. This course will help you and help you do it now.” - Angelica R.



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